Consulting Services

Physical Assessment

Prior to acquiring a property, taking a mortgage or leasing space within another owner’s property, clients retain Levien & Company to evaluate and assess the property to determine the condition of the building systems - including architecture, structure, mechanicals, electrical, elevator, life safety and other systems. This service provides a comprehensive view of the physical challenges of the property and allows the client to establish budgets for maintenance and implementation of capital programs.

Real Estate Transaction Support

Levien has the expertise to provide development pro-forma cost projections and detailed development schedules. Our staff is also able to assist with various forms of project financing. We can aid in negotiations with buyers, sellers, and tenants as well as design and construction professionals.

Construction Dispute Resolution Support

Levien will analyze design drawings, examine field conditions and study contracts and other relevant documents to determine the validity of contractor claims for significant cost increases. Our role is to negotiate an equitable settlement on the client’s behalf in order to avoid litigation and minimize loss. If a dispute escalates to legal action, the extensive industry expertise of Levien’s staff makes them well qualified to serve as expert witnesses in arbitration or litigation procedures, either for claims against or in defense of claims from other parties.