St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church |

St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church
Brooklyn, NY

St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church, often called the "Notre Dame" or "Cathedral" of Park Slope, is a beloved landmark in the neighborhood. Built in 1888 in the Gothic Revival Style,  Levien & Co. orchestrated a team of specialty consultants to oversee the replacement of the clay tile roof, high priority masonry repairs and stained glass window stabilization, in order to secure the exterior envelope of the building before the Church embarks on a future comprehensive restoration.  One the first major challenges of the project was removing a 40' spire which had become unstable as a result of Hurricane Irene.  The Church plans to replicate the spire with lighter weight materials in the future.

Integrated Conservation Resources; Commercial Roofing Solutions; Atkinson-Noland & Associates
General Contractor: 
TRM Enterprises

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