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Calhoun School
New York, NY

Calhoun (an independent Pre-K through 12 school) resides in a unique 1975 building designed by Costas Machlouzarides (his only US building). The project team was tasked with the renovation of 26,000 SF of the existing 5-story concrete and travertine building and the addition of four stories to the structure totaling another 31,000 SF. The addition includes a 246-seat flexible performing arts space, specialized teaching spaces for science, art, photography, music, dance and language, an athletic center and green roof learning center.

Of greatest importance was that the school remain operational during the construction process and that there be a clear separation of students and workers. Maintaining safety was paramount while building on top of more that 500 students and faculty. This was accomplished by creating a new elevator and stair core in the rear of the building, using holidays to reinforce the buildings footings and foundations, and finally using the summer to construct the 4-story steel frame and floors to allow work to continue over head during the academic year. The final construction was completed during the next 12 months.

Fox & Fowle
Construction Manager: 
Sciame Construction
2007 DesignShare - Merit Award

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