Friends Seminary - Cafeteria Renovation |

Friends Seminary - Cafeteria Renovation
New York, NY

This renovated facility houses a lower school dining room with seating for up to 120 students & a middle school dining room accommodating up to 104.  The renovation included new ceilings, floors, lighting, equipment, finishes & furnishings in an environmentally healthy space, built with sustainable materials. The fully functional kitchen & servery line are centrally located and divided into stations, eliminating congestion.  Sixteen new heat pumps were hidden in the ceiling providing fresh air, heating and air-conditioning. All new plumbing was installed under the floor slab and includes a new hot water heater and central water purification system.  A newly constructed underground dry storage space was added.

Tinmouth Chang Architects
Construction Manager: 
JRM Construction Management
2014 IES NYC Lumen Citation Award Winner

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