Common Cents - 2007 Penny Harvest |

Common Cents - 2007 Penny Harvest
New York, NY

Levien & Co. was retained to oversee the complex design  and installation of a specially designed container spanning almost a full city block in the shadow of the world famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. It held an estimated 130,000,000 pennies collected by children from 800 City schools in 15,000 bags. The Penny Harvest Field, designed by architect James S. Polshek, was hosted by Tishman Speyer. The 165 x 30 foot field was constructed off-site in sections and trucked to the City and constructed over two nights.  The penny field had to be able to hold 600,000 pounds of pennies without compromising the integrity of the street that is over an underground concourse.  It was necessary to create a structure that would be able to support the weight of the pennies, account for the curvature of the street and install a drainage system to keep the pennies dry and sparkling for the length of the exhibition. The money was later distributed by the children via grants and service projects benefiting over 850 community organizations throughout the City.

Polshek Partnership Architects
Construction Manager: 
Structure Tone

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