Project Feasibility and Organization

Program & Scope

Our team works closely with the Owner and architect to establish and confirm program goals for the project, carefully balancing site conditions, budget and mission. Detailed space utilization, adjacency and net space to gross space analysis are developed for alternate schemes.  This process may include gathering information from key stakeholders and end-users.   We then confirm and document the scope of the project, including the Owner’s quality standards, schedule and budget. We facilitate these exercises and help convey the established requirements to the project team.

Site Investigations

We assist the client in evaluating the suitability of potential sites for their program requirements and identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Existing conditions, site constraints, schedule and costs are evaluated for each location. 


We organize and lead regular project team meetings, weekly or as needed, and prepare detailed minutes. Team meetings address program, budget, schedule, phasing, procurement and other key areas of concern to the Owner. We document issues requiring an Owner decision and establish protocols for communication among team members. In addition to the regular project meeting, we organize more specialized or technical meetings on an as-needed basis to address critical project issues.  Our project documentation also includes customized written reports and monthly cost reports. These work products are used to inform end-users, lenders, community groups and other interested parties as requested by the Owner.


We develop the overall project schedule from inception through occupancy, and the project phasing plan, if necessary. Cash flow projections are prepared so that resources can be properly allocated and long lead items are identified so that schedules can be met.  During project initiation it is important to establish critical milestones, especially for approvals and permitting so that construction can start on time to meet the Client’s deadline. The schedule is updated at monthly intervals or more frequently as needed.


In assembling the project team, we prepare a detailed scope of services for each party, including the architect, engineers, specialty consultants and builders. We manage the entire RFP process - issuing competitive requests for proposals, analyzing responses, interviewing the candidates and advising the Owner in making selections. We negotiate business terms of all contracts and make sure that the roles and responsibilities of each party are coordinated and communicated to all.


We develop the overall budget for each project, including projections of both construction and non-construction costs, based on market trends and historical data from comparable projects. These budgets establish benchmarks for the team and become the backbone of the project cost report. We can also assist the client in identifying funding sources and provide information necessary for loan, bond and/or grant procurement. Private/Public Partnerships are a special expertise of the firm.