Preconstruction Phase

Physical Assessment

For projects within existing buildings, we coordinate a complete assessment of all building systems with the design team. These investigations are also particularly for commercial tenants in understanding the parameters of their fit-out and long-term occupancy.  For building owner, the physical assessment will inform the priorities for renovation and help mitigate surprises in construction.  Probes, surveys, systems tests and environmental reviews are all part of this assignment.  


We manage the work of the design team to confirm that the Owner’s program, schedule and budget are met and leverage the broad range of skills of our in-house staff to provide multi-disciplined feedback.  We work collaboratively with the design team to create the best possible design within the project parameters, and offer our expert knowledge and advice to the Owner when decisions are required from their stakeholders. 


We are committed to achieving the highest possible levels of sustainability in each of the projects that we manage. We will assist our clients in establishing a sustainability plan (both in construction and occupancy) and pursuing LEED certification or other green building standards, if desired. Many members of the firm are LEED Accredited Professionals and nearly all have experience working on LEED certified projects.

Drawing Reviews

We organize drawing reviews with the team at each design phase to evaluate the project documents for compliance with program, quality and constructability. Systems are evaluated for design appropriateness, first cost versus operational expense and ease of installation. We appreciate the feedback of the construction manager during pre-construction and find that their involvement in this phase leads to fewer disputes during construction.  We also recommend third-party peer reviews and drawing coordination reviews in an effort to minimize change orders opportunities.

Cost Control

We evaluate cost estimates at each design phase and direct cost-saving efforts.  We believe that value engineering is an essential task for every project and have developed many approaches for achieving the maximum value without compromising the budget or quality. We have created customizable templates for tracking all project costs and update these cost reports as new information becomes available to allow the client to make informed decisions.

Public Approvals & Permits, Zoning and Codes

We are highly experienced in dealing with jurisdictional authorities that review and approve projects. We also have a breadth of experience working on complex projects that require special considerations, variances, and even collaboration with neighboring construction sites.  We work with the Owner’s expeditor, code consultant and/or public relations consultant to track and manage all steps in the approval and permitting process. We are also able to act as the public face of the project with local community groups and state and municipal agencies.

Construction Schedule

We review construction schedules prepared by the builder and update the master project schedule to track actual progress against planned durations, flagging issues that may impact overall project duration or Owner activities. When issues arise, we work with the project team to devise strategies to recover time and meet the schedule.  We understand that many of our clients have firm deadlines and that we must be able to anticipate and mitigate both internal and external delays.

Construction Contracts

Selecting the appropriate contract type is key to managing risk. Once the parameters for budget, quality and schedule are set, we will aid the Owner in selecting the appropriate form of project delivery method and construction contract. Regardless of the contract type, we encourage pre-construction input from contractors, as it has proved to be a valuable tool for reducing costs and avoiding changes in construction.  Once a contractor has been selected, we will negotiate the business terms and work with the client's counsel to finalize the construction agreement.  

Procurement & Bidding

Whether selecting a construction manager, general contractor, subcontractors or Owner-direct vendors, we oversee the process from start to finish.  Compilation of approved bidders lists, preparation of complete bid packages, scheduling contractor walk-throughs, and responding to bid RFI’s are among the tasks at hand.  When the proposals are received, we analyze responses, manage interviews and advise the Owner in making a selection. We work with the project team to make sure that the schedule is maintained, the budget met, and that the entire project scope is captured in the award process.