Construction Phase

Site Meetings

We organize and lead the weekly project team meeting. Our detailed minutes become the key record for the project and include actions to be taken by the team. We attend the contractor’s or construction manager’s trade coordination meetings, as required. We conduct many other meetings throughout the design and construction process in order to facilitate prompt resolution of open issues.

Site Safety

Safety is the first priority on all sites. Projects of a certain size and complexity are required by municipal regulations to have dedicated site safety personnel, and we verify that these requirements are met. We review and comment on the builder's site safety and security plans. Our firm specializes in complex renovation/expansion assignments where continued occupancy must be maintained.   Many projects also abut public areas, such as sidewalks or neighboring yards, so protection plans and security protocols are integral to maintaining everyone's safety.

Cost Control

We have developed proprietary cost control workbooks and reports that can be customized for each project. We use these tools to continually identify and track all potential, pending, and approved costs.  We perform a detailed review of all requisitions for payment, prepare a requisition package (as required by funding source), and assure receipt of all required documentation, including lien waivers, insurance certificates, bills of sale, etc.  When change orders arise, our team reviews them against the contract documents and aggressively negotiates the cost on the Owner’s behalf.

Construction Monitoring

We monitor progress and compliance with the Owner’s schedule, budget, and quality standards. We work with the design and construction team members to identify and resolve field issues, before they impact the schedule. Our proactive and collaborative approach to project management is evident in the way that we oversee field work.  We are always vigilant in keeping the team on task but are careful to never usurp the roles and responsibilities of other team members. 

Testing and Inspections

Quality control is a continual activity during construction.  In addition to the field oversight provided by the design team, builder and Levien & Company, we coordinate testing and inspections by third-party agencies to ensure that all quality requirements are met, as called for by the specifications, authorities and other governing entities.  Examples of tests and inspections include concrete cylinder breaks, steel welding inspections, curtainwall water and air pressure testing and mechanical systems commissioning. 

Low Voltage Systems Integration

Levien & Company, working with the design and construction team, oversees the design, purchase, and installation of the low voltage infrastructure spine. Many Owners choose to procure these systems directly so we take the lead integrating the execution of this work with the rest of the project scope.  We manage the selection of information technology, audio & video, security consultants and installation companies.  As the systems are designed, we guide the Owner through any decision-making by distilling information into easy-to-understand non-technical language, if necessary.  We also coordinate the installation schedule with the overall construction schedule to assure completion by the occupancy date.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment

We organize the Owner’s purchase of furniture, fixtures and equipment with the assistance of furniture consultants, dealers or other specialty consultants.  For furniture packages, we recommend arranging a “furniture fair” where Owners, end-users and other stakeholders have an opportunity to test drive sample pieces and offer feedback. Many FF&E items have long lead times, so we carefully coordinate with the construction schedule to make sure that products arrive in advance for inspection and on-time installation. 

Agency Sign-offs and Certificate of Occupancy

The municipal review process, including approvals, inspections, and sign-offs, can be very complex and may require certifications from multiple professionals and approvals from several agencies, including the Department of Building and the Fire Department. We oversee all the moving parts of this process and we assist with the necessary steps to secure a Certificate of Occupancy.  As construction progresses, we work with the team to schedule the tests, documents and inspections required to obtain department sign-offs, followed by the temporary and then final Certificate of Occupancy for a project.

Punchlist & Commissioning

As the project nears completion, we oversee the preparation and execution of the master punchlist (including both design team and Owner’s items) and the commissioning of systems and equipment.  We understand the importance of completing these activities in a timely fashion so that the Owner can occupy the building without interruption and the contractor can receive final payment.