Postconstruction Phase


We coordinate with the Owner and/or landlord to arrange move-in, occupancy and any opening events surrounding project completion. Many clients have strict deadlines and cannot afford down-time in their operations.  Large-scale projects may be developed in phases in order to maintain functionality, while other projects may require construction of swing space to accommodate their continuing operational needs.  Regardless of the scenario, we lead the team in developing logistics plans and strategies for agency sign-offs to make transitions as smooth as possible.


Because design and construction can take many years to complete, we sometimes find that our clients’ needs evolve once construction is complete.  We continue to assist our clients with post-occupancy changes and upgrades to meet revised occupancy needs and/or new technology demands.  We also mediate and resolve post-occupancy issues relating to design and construction with the project team. 

Close-out Documentation

We oversee and monitor preparation and completion of substantial and final completion documentation by the contractor, including operating and maintenance manuals, warranties, as-built drawings, balancing reports and final lien waivers.   As part of Levien’s close-out documentation, we prepare a final cost accounting of the project and settle any outstanding change orders, retainage release and incentive payments (when applicable).  For projects pursuing LEED certification, we verify that all submittals have been uploaded to the USGBC website and that the certification is achieved. 


Building systems have become extremely complicated, especially with new computer-based technology for energy management. We facilitate the appropriate training of the client's maintenance staff to enable them to operate their systems effectively and to achieve optimal efficiency and user comfort.

Warranty Issues

If commissioning tests or operating issues suggest a system is not meeting design specifications, we will act on behalf of the Owner to see that all warranty obligations are fulfilled for equipment, building products or installations,  that do not meet standards after occupancy.  We understand that when issues arise, we are often the best resource for tracking down the appropriate resources to resolve the issue and maintain the long-term integrity of the building.

Project Debriefing and User Surveys

It is standard practice at Levien & Company to conduct a project debriefing or “Lessons Learned” session at the end of the project to gather feedback from team members on successes and struggles during the project lifecycle. We find this exercise invaluable to building organizational intelligence and boosting the quality of service that we provide to future clients.  We also have implemented, at our clients’ request, user surveys to help our clients evaluate how their building is received and used by its occupants. This can inform changes that our clients may contemplate for future installations and modifications.